How We Do It

Our REAL secret is in our values and our approach.

We are not the only design and build team in Austin committed to quality, but we are confident we are the ONLY design and build team with YOU, your home, and your home's function at the very center of our business model. With the latest in IMEI scanning technology combined with the very best in HD rendering software, Executed by a well rounded team of efficiency driven professionals, we are able to SAVE HOURS of time not only in the design of your project but also in every step of the process it takes to bring it all together. Because our renders aren’t just pretty pictures, but also EXACT SCALE models for precision cuts and perfectly placed details. Read about our process below.

It all starts with the Scan. During the initial consult, we scan the room using our special camera and precision software. It works with a special camera attached to an iPad that sends out thousands of infrared lasers all at once while the sensor measures the distance of each laser and collects into data. Those data points are then used to create a unique 3-D file that will get sent off to our partner company to convert into a viewable and manipulable CAD file that we will use to begin designing your space.



The Digital Re-Design

Once the digital CAD file is send back to us (usually in 3-5 days), the fun part begins! With a general understanding of what needs to be done, ideas collected from the consultation, and your design style personality collected from our quiz, we can begin re-imaging your space. Whether its a full kitchen,  a custom accent wall, or a custom project, our ultra-precise software makes it possible to know exactly how much room we have to work with and what our options are in terms of maximizing and revitalizing your space.

The Scan

The Final Selections


The Rendering


If I've asked the right questions, listened to your wants and needs, and know what I'm doing (which I do), I can usually turn around a first draft render within 2-3 weeks from initial consult - much sooner for feature walls. But for a standard remodel, the first draft will include most of the bigger components of your project including the layout, general color pallet, lighting and fixtures, tile and floor recommendations and maybe the small details like rugs and lamps.  Now, whats really great is its just a first draft and as we continue collaborating we can tweak and change until we absolutely get it perfect.  Because it's 3-D model we can move around the space and drop in textures and colors until we land on something we love.  

Seeing it in a render is one thing, but seeing it in real life is another. While the model is super helpful for visualizing the new and improved space, getting your hands on the materials themselves- seeing them, touching them, smelling them (some of y'all get weird with it), is SUPER important. Whether its something you find or something I have in mind, collecting them together in one room is paramount in building the perfect home. Here, we will compare and get up close with the textures before making the final decisions. Once everything is approved and my safe to spend is agreed upon, it just about setting a date and making it happen! 

The First Draft


What good is fancy software without great tools and a qualified team of professionals to pull it off - amiright? This is perhaps where we gain the most separation from other companies and teams in our field. We don't claim to be the most proficient team in Austin or the "leading expert" or even most knowledgeable, (although were pretty dang smart), but we will take-on anyone when it comes to being the most Efficient! From the way we build, to the way we pack a trash-bag, we are always thinking several steps ahead in order to not just maximize every inch, but every step it takes to get there. We pride ourselves on what is possible in a single day, and our careful and intentional organization and setup is perhaps what makes us so incredibly fast. Add to the fact, that we use precision lazers, and the most calibrated tools on the market, few even come close. We are the cleanest and most organized team you will ever see. And if its not obvious to you already, just take a look at the HIHYBI work truck to get an idea.

The Build